Television Isn't The Only Form of Entertainment

by Ned Hands 10/30/2019

After work and hustle, the landing pad for many in their homes is the couch, holding a remote control and watching TV. TV is fun, and it is such a great way to relax. However, considering long-term effects, it is not your best option. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, or so the cliché goes; the efficiency of the TV as the go-to for entertainment has some drawbacks like the monthly payments for cable TV, lower attention span and juvenile TV addiction... just to highlight a few.

So, what happens when the drawbacks of the choice of TV for entertainment are no longer wanted or perhaps the option is even unavailable? Whether for temporary arrangements or a permanent lifestyle change, here is a list of great 'other ways' besides TV to relax and stay entertained:

Those shows don't actually have to go

The internet has almost everything implying that those TV shows, programs, and movies are alive and well on it. Apps like YouTube and Netflix are excellent sources for worthwhile entertainment. You can also watch shows using TV channels' apps on your smartphone (most of these apps are FREE).

Let the games begin

Video games, word games, and the likes have the edge over viewing TV. You're more actively engaged or at least your fingers and minds are. Playing development-oriented yet casual games can be both productive and relaxing at the same time.

Let in the air

Such outdoor activities as a visit to the beach, an evening stroll, a bit of wandering during coffee breaks and just being in the present moment are all very relaxing and entertaining if some effort is put into them.

Getting exercise and serenade from fresh air outdoors is a verified physical and emotional health booster. Not only will you feel relaxed, but your body also gets fitter at the same time when done consistently. Outdoor entertainment is a good suggestion.

Book Clubs

There are many benefits of reading quality books which cannot be overestimated. If diamonds are the zenith of mineral value, books are the zenith of intellectual bliss. Reading interesting books for a while daily is an excellent way to relax and learn simultaneously. Reading e-books and paperbacks should be done with good lighting to prevent eyestrain.

Download, purchase, rent, or borrow a book, get comfy and start an interesting journey today.

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